Richard Deacon - In Between

RICHARD DEACON - IN BETWEEN, cinema documentary, 90 min., Germany © 2012
Credits: Script & Direction: Claudia Schmid; Director of Photography: Andreas Köhler; Second Camera: Steffen Bohn, Roland Breitschuh, Andreas Fiegel; Sound: Tim Pattberg; Editing: Kawe Vakil; Commissioning Editor: Reinhard Wulf; Executive Producer: Birgit Schulz; Production Manager: Monika Mack, Rolf Bremenkamp. A Bildersturm Filmproduction in Coproduction with 3sat / WDR. Subsidised by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. 

British-born artist Richard Deacon ranks as one of the most important sculptors in contemporary art. His profound interest in the nature of materials and the ways in which they can be manipulated, as well as his innovative approach to form, make him one of the most inventive artists working today.

With his existential contemplation of space and form, Deacon has paved the way for a whole new perspective. More than virtually any other sculptor, he draws out all possibilities of expression, creating a complex spatial dynamic from an organic and industrial language of form. The physical approach taken with the different materials is a key element in this regard.

His sweeping, wave-like sculptures, with their rhythmic interweaving and biomorphic-looking structures are among the most complex works in modern sculpture. The multi-layered nature of the works reflects the innate complexity of life and stir the beholder to intensive reflection.

Film-maker Claudia Schmid has been observing Richard Deacon’s work for two years. Mutual understanding and trust between the two individuals grew during this intense time, making it possible to portray this shy artist, even in quiet moments away from the public eye. All of which results in a unique insight into the personality of the artist and his work.


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