Nature in Bottles

NATURE IN BOTTLES - THE SPRING OF SPA, documentary, 45 min., Germany © 2007 
Credits: Script & Direction: Claudia Schmid; Camera: Dieter Stürmer; Sound: Ute Haverkämper; Editor: Daniela Thiel; Production Manager: Monika Mack; Produced by: Birgit Schulz; Commissioning Editor: Andrea Ernst, WDR/arte. Produced by Bildersturm Filmproduktion in cooperation with WDR.

The small town Spa is located in the Walloon part of Belgium, in the middle of the Ardennen: A health resort with 500 year of tradition. Something outside, in the high Venn with its carpet of herbage, pools, swamps and moors, in the “Fagne de Malchamps”, starts the history of the exceptional mineral water of Spa.

Often the landscape disappears in deep fog. It is pouring extremely often. In the same time the evaporation is very slight. These are the determining factors for the percolation and the effective cleaning of the water – in a unique biotope. 300 springs can be found in and around spa, and the quality of their water has remained pure and unchanged to this day.

The company “Spa Monopol” bottles and distributes the spring water: 500 million liters per year. But also the new thermal spa is supplied by the special spring water. The film follows hydrogeologist Patrick Jobé© through the forest to the springs and the upland moor of Fagne de Malchamps to the drinking water bottle plant.

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