SCHMIDFILM - Claudia Schmid, Script & Direction

I have set myself the task of developing and implementing sophisticated documentary films for the cinema and television - uncompromising films that make artistically decisive visions visible and reflect socially relevant topics. Above all, I am interested in original personalities who embody a multi-layered, critical view on the society, be it in the topic of art, culture, society or politics.

After focusing in recent years, especially on headstrong artists with extreme positions, I now also want to focus on social and sociopolitical issues: films that thematise human rights violations, women's disrespect, mental and physical violence, power structures, social and political injustice and the consequences of globalization.

I have always been interested in radical abstract thinking in art and the freedom of its diverse creative possibilities. Now, with the same intensity and radicality, I want to devote myself as well to film topics outside of the art. However, the cinematic exploration and discourse of artists and their works will always be my main interest because I still feel myself as an artist and this attitude to life and this view on the world have grown together with me.

With intensive interviews and an observing camera, I dive deep into the thoughts and actions of my protagonists and work out a film language dedicated to the essence of the theme for each film. It is important to me to build up an intellectual and emotional closeness to the protagonists, to put the essence of the respective topic in a nutshell without frills and filler and to pursue a strictly composed dramaturgy in addition to a clear pictorial aesthetic without l'art pour l'art.

Since I am originally from the fine arts, it also appeals to me to develop new cross-genre hybrid forms of documentary, games and cartoons.


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